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Tired of staring at the same old walls? Wishing you could add a closet, expand the bathroom, even construct an entirely new bedroom suite? Dincau Construction Incorporated can help! You know what your home needs and the best way to utilize the space you have available. What you may not know--which wall is load bearing, how to wire in lighting fixtures, lay flooring, or fabricate an addition from scratch--is where we come in.

Let our years of experience combine with your unique ideas. Together we can create a functional new living space or take a fresh, modern approach to your existing floorplan! Breathe new vitality into your home. Make it a private sanctuary at the end of a rough day. An organized space that matches the demands of a hectic lifestyle. Whatever you imagine, from practical to radical.

And, if the rest of the house looks out of place when we're done...

Well, maybe you just better keep our number close-by!!
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